17th September: Vaughan Prain – Make A Time

“In re-engaging with figurative art over the last thirty years, painters have sought to explore various narrative and psychological possibilities when compositions feature more than one person. Many different techniques have been used. These include modernist simplification of form and semi-abstraction, and scaling up for dramatic effect. Other techniques include varying degrees of relinquished control […]

3rd September: SANCTUARY

We are excited to invite you to our upcoming exhibition of photographic works by JP Miller and Ashleen Pearce, complimented by the unique living installations of ecological artist Jesse Rhys Sciberras. JP Miller’s collection ‘JAGUAR’ is based on work produced during an Artist in Residence Program in the Bolivian jungle last year. The purpose of […]

20th Aug: Elisenda Sofia & Mathew Molloy

This month we’re thrilled to present a stunning collection of work from two exemplary local photographers, Elisenda Sofia Russell and Mathew Molloy. Combining dynamic figurative pieces with delicate, ethereal still life works, this exhibition takes us on a journey of discovery through the full spectrum of light & shade, allowing us to explore the scope […]